Bevan is a classically trained, multi talented singer and actor,
New Zealand born and bred; now residing in the Uk, Bevan has
honed his skills on stages throughout his native land.

Bevan's versatile voice, dynamic range, and chameleon like acting ability have enabled him to master a wide variety of genres. Be it Classical, Crossover, Jazz, contemporary or musical theatre, the motivation remains the same;
To explore human emotion, to connect with an audience ... to bring laughter and tears, to swell the heart and stimulate the mind, to capture, and enthrall. And above all else, to sing.




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At only 26, Bevan has had a jam packed singing and theatrical career. Bevan's dedication to the art of singing has seen him appear in over 20 major stage productions, countless concerts, weddings, and corporate entertainment events and even the occasional night club!

Bevan grew up in his home town - Whangaparaoa, on the sunny hibiscus coast, an idyllic seaside retreat near New Zealand's largest city, Auckland.

Bevan attributes his love of music to those early years with his family (Mum, Dad, and little Sister, with Grandparents just around the corner.)

"I always remember Sunday mornings…being woken up to the smell of Dad cooking us bacon and eggs, the stereo blasting, always something different…one week 'Phantom of the opera' the next week 'Meat Loaf' and then maybe some Puccini the week after, of course Dad was always singing along!"

Then there was my Grandparents - 40's and 50s - British wartime stuff, My Fair Lady, Rolf Harris (one of my childhood favorites) and the one and only Pavarotti – Granddad was mad on Pav!"
"Whatever was happening there was always music, and singing - my sister and I always joked we knew what was for dinner by what Mum was playing…Even now I still want to eat pizza whenever I hear Dean Martin!"

At school Bevan's theatrical talents grew, his natural comic timing and 'off the cuff' ability readily landing him comic roles in school shows, captain of the college improv team, and even an appearance as 'Mac Duff' in the 'Scottish play', just to prove he really could be serious!

At age 17 Bevan 'discovered' his voice.
Playing the lead in the School Musical (Bye Bye Birdie) Bevan's talent was recognised by the school Choir master, who quickly pointed him in the direction of Janice Webb, one of New Zealand's finest singing teachers.
Bevan also sought to refine his dramatic skills, learning from renowned NZ director, Robert Alderton QSM.

This combination of raw talent and fine tutoring saw Bevan's skills advance;
Rapidly rising through the ranks of the Auckland theatrical scene, Bevan quickly became a young man to notice. His chameleon like abilities have seen him play roles as varied as 'Scarecrow' in 'The Wizard if Oz' to 'Danny Zuko' in 'Grease' and 'Marius' in 'Les Miserables' and 'Skye Masterson' in Guys and Dolls, to name but a few!

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